The Lewis Chemical Company   

From time to time run across many materials that are available at a discounted price for many different reasons, some of them being , damaged containers , older and/or out of date , off color , or out of specifications. Please contact us for pricing.


Product                                     Available                                  Issue                            

 RA 43                                                Drums                                            In Spec

PEG 1500                                          Bags                                                In Spec

Sodium DDBSA 30%                      Totes                                              Color

ALS 30%                                            Drums                                           Color

OAM 2                                                Totes                                              In Spec  

OA 5 Phosphate                                Totes                                              In Spec

CocoDEA/MEA blend                     Totes                                                
TAM 2                                                 Totes                                              In Spec

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