The Lewis Chemical Company   


The Lewis Chemical Company currently operates three facilities in Rome GA.

Lavender Drive Manufacturing plant and Corporate Headquarters

XP facilty
10000  Gallon Reactor
8000 Gallon Reactor
5000 Gallon Reactor
200 HP Steam boiler
100HP Steam boiler
   HP liquid ring vacuum
   HP water/oil liquid ring vacuum
Multiple tank storage farm

Lavender research and QC lab                                                                                       

Sycamore Manufacturing Plant

2000 Gallon Reactor with distillation
Two 3200 Gallon reactors
5500 Gallon heated mix tank
Multiple tank storage farm
65 Gallon pilot reactor with distillation
HP liquid ring vacuum
65 HP steam boiler
30 HP steam boiler

Sycamore QC lab

Redmond finished goods warehouse

250,000 square feet warehouse


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