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Your source for chemical solutions, you know what amine?

Scientist in the Lab

Wide Spec

We have a large supply of Wide Spec chemicals to help suit your chemical needs

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Let our highly skilled chemists and engineers help you achieve your goals! Our lab is prepared and equipped for whatever your need

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Pipetting Samples and Test Tube

Specialty Chemicals

Need something special? We are here to help! Lewis Chem has a wide variety of specialty chemicals from phase change to surfactants! 

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About TLC co.

  • Founded in 2006 by Gregg and Diane Lewis

  • Specialty in surfactants

  • This should really be laid out as a paragraph with a background

  • Provides research and development support for a wide variety of chemical applications

  • Materials sourcing


Contact information:

  • Phone: (706) 295-7577

  • Fax: (706) 236-4587

  • Office Hours:

    • Monday-Friday 

      • 8AM-5PM (EST)​

    • Weekends​

      • As available


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